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We use the latest technology and equipment to manufacture and inspect your parts. Our capabilities go far beyond precision castings. We offer a wide range of rapid prototyping, post processing and inspection capabilities. These are just a few of examples of machines in our facility. If you have special requirements for your part or application, please visit our Get A Quote page to give us the details. Chances are that we can fill your needs with in-house capabilities or using our extensive network of strategic partners.

Equipment Images

Equipment Images

An image gallery showcasing our current equipment and capabilities

Parts Images

Parts Images

A few photo examples demonstrating our expertise in investment casting


There is no better way to experience the capability, quality, and benefit of FS Precision’s investment casting processes than to see them in motion. These video clips highlight the range of our expertise and may inspire an idea that we can translate to another successful cast product for your business. Please visit our YouTube channel for additional videos.

Featured in Design World, read about the advantages and investment casting technologies FS Precision Tech offers.

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Recently featured in an installment of DIY Channel’s series, the investment casting process helped this small company launch their idea to commercial success. Click image above to watch.

Some applications of our process just can’t be explained with words. You have to see it to believe it. Our investment cast components – including the flash suppressor on this Dillon Aero Mini Gun, get a workout in this amazing video. Click image above to watch.