aboutFS Precision manufactures precision investment castings for automotive, aerospace and defense, subsea oil and gas, and other commercial applications. Our AS9100 ITAR compliant facility in the US produces titanium and zirconium castings. Whereas, our stainless steel alloy investment castings are produced in our Taiwan foundry. Our castings range from as little as an ounce to one hundred pounds –for applications as diverse as commercial hand tools to aircraft structural components.

Service doesn’t end at the foundry, though. We offer extensive capabilities in machining, heat treatment, and non destructive examination to give you turnkey solutions for your casting programs. Our support locations provide technical sales, service, and logistics assistance throughout the US, Asia, and Europe.

We are the world leader in titanium turbocharger castings. Years of development have brought nearly 100% of that market to our business and inspired the development of our proprietary titanium alloy, FS-2S; an alloy that boasts 20% greater tensile strength than cast Ti-6Al-4V, and fatigue lives equivalent to wrought titanium alloys.

FS Precision Tech’s proprietary Vacuum Induction Melt process is the only technology capable of producing net shape castings for turbocharger turbine wheels.

We certify to the highest quality standards the industry offers, and embrace these state of the art quality management techniques. There are those who speak about six sigma and continuous improvement, and then there is FS Precision – where six sigma and CI live their daily lives on our factory floor. We invite you to experience the difference.

Visit our Titanium Fluids Systems Group site at www.FSFluids.com to learn more about our unique solutions for titanium pumps, valves, and fluid handling systems.

The Fusheng Group Casts Over 10 million pounds of Titanium, Steel & Stainless Steel each year
Let us put our scale to work for you.

The #1 Titanium Turbocharger Foundry in The World
No technology competes head-to-head with FS Precision’s cost effective, high volume titanium automotive castings.

“The Fusheng Group was chosen by Forbes magazine as a ‘world’s-best’ small cap company two years running.”

“Over the years we have come to rely on FS Precision for their outstanding quality and performance. FS has been particularly valuable in supplying castings in furtherance of our work on the M777 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer program. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to many more years of the excellent service and commitment FS is known for.”

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