5 Reasons to Choose FS Precision:

  • Qualifications Matter. Whether you’re making an aircraft part or a bike pedal, your part deserves our highest level of focus and control. We take our ISO quality certifications seriously. We think you should too.
  • Lowest Total Cost. Our precision castings cost less than machined components, and are not subject to the extreme volatility or raw material costs, ensuring a long-term stable cost structure.
  • Let us Deliver a Finished Part so You Can Get Back to Work. Need it machined? Heat treated? Welded , X-rayed, polished, plated, and assembled? We’ll manage your project and deliver a finished part so you can do what you do best.
  • Leverage our Global Strength. Metal is our business on three continents. Use that strength to keep your business insulated from the volatility of the metal markets. With operations and supply chains in the U.S., Asia, and Europe, we give your program –big or small– the buying power of our billion dollar global corporation.
  • Communication is speed. There’s almost no time zone we don’t work in! Your problems don’t arrive at convenient times. Speed to market is critical for your new program. Our commitment to communicate quickly and concisely gives you the speed you need in the marketplace.